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Is it time to worry?

As the Darren Driefort clone officially became done for the year, and possibly done for the rest of his life, the season really began to take a nose dive. The saga of Jason Schmidt this season is starting to epitomize my feelings towards the Dodgers this season. At first I was skeptical with Schmidt as he came back looking somewhat shaky. With the Dodgers before the season started, I felt they didn't have enough pitching and was obviously pleasantly surprised to watch them manhandle the National League.
Then came Schmidt's one masterpiece of his stint with the Dodgers. Six innings of one hit ball, made me think, well maybe the Dodgers actually didn't need more pitching. This Schmidt character might be onto something. While lying in bed I saw the horrifying news a few days later; "Schmidt done for the seaon, possibly career ending injury". Now that we can move past another horrible Dodger signing, lets look at the team now.
After raving like any Dodger fan would recently about how they have the best hitting in the league, the Dodgers are beginning to worry me. The chinks in the armor are definitely starting to show. I know the season is long and tedious for these players, but I'm starting to have a baaaaddd feeling about this.
The hitters aren't hitting as much, the pitchers are definitely faltering, and there is no help in sight. Sherrill was a solid pickup, but the Dodgers didn't do enough at the trade deadline. Standing pat when you have such a good chance to win the Series is just baffling in this situation.
Now comes the biggest series of the season so far with the Giants and we will soon find out just how strong this Dodger team is. The fire is starting to cool and with the Giants and Rockies quickly gaining steam, the Dodgers seeming on cruise control could be looking up in the standings at someone else fairly soon.